Marzipan Loaf


One of the most delicious things in the world is marzipan. Not that cheap kind made of apricot seeds, but the real stuff. I can eat that stuff right out of the wrapper. Some time ago I tried my hands on making a homemade marzipan loaf. If you can read Danish, you can find the recipe at Odense Marcipan’s website.

It goes like this:


Marzipan is mixed with egg white and sugar to get a squishy dough. I thought perhaps it was a little too wet, so I might leave out some of the egg white next time. As you might be able to tell from the picture, I used thawed berries, but of course  fresh berries work just as well (or probably even better since they aren’t as wet).


Next you’re supposed to roll out the marzipan dough, but this was really tricky due to it being so sticky. I could’ve left it in the fridge overnight, but I didn’t have the time for that, so I had to make do. I sort of pressed it down with my hands and fingers, you know, good ol’ hard work. Then I made a nice little row of raspberries and blueberries and rolled the whole thing together. For this it was very handy to have it on baking paper so I could cover everything nicely without ruining the results with my warm fingers.


As you can see, I cut the baking paper into squares to ease rolling the loaves together. They are now ready for the oven. Don’t mind the packed up fish next to them. There is no relation.


When they came out of the oven they looked like this. Pretty delicious looking already, but not enough.


Covered in chocolate and set aside to cool. It was fantastic. It was crunchy, chocolatey, and sweet, and not hard at all to make. I am definitely considering doing these again for Christmas, although in smaller sizes.

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